Does this float your boat? Self-sufficient Fal cafe planned

Plans to open a floating river café similar to those in World War One, have been postponed due to environmental concerns.
The FalRiver Company are proposing to open a floating café on the Fal River, initial plans propose that the café will be moored at the south end of King Harry Reach along the river Fal.

The directors hoped that the business would be open by Easter this year, however plans have now been put on hold due to environmental disputes.

The café will have no shore connections meaning the new venue will be completely self-sufficient and self-contained.

A spokesperson from The FalRiver Company, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “The café is now more likely to open in spring 2018 due to disputes regarding the affects the café could have on surrounding environment. We can’t say much else about our current plans at the moment.”

Concerns have been expressed by The Environment Agency, regarding water pollution and waste produced by the café. Additional environmental impacts such as potential damage to local mussel beds, which grow in the proposed location, have also been discussed.

Peter Brooke, a local resident and fish monger, said: “I think it would struggle commercially, I can’t see how it would be a good business plan from a commercial point of view.

“There is already a café in Trelissick Gardens itself and on the boat trips they have their own refreshments on board for passengers. I would also be a bit concerned of waste products produced by the café.”

The café will be anchored down to the seabed in order to stop the structure going adrift. It is rumoured that the local environment agency has said that this could potentially affect the growing mussel beds.

The FalRiver Company are proposing to provide transport to the café, leaving from The Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth.

The structure will be around 200 Meters Square in size with plans for an additional pontoon, current plans propose that the café will be open for eight months of the year and is expected to seat up to 100 people.

The Alba Floating Tea Rooms was a novelty café operating before and during World War One. Local boatmen would take customers for day trips, where clients could purchase a cup of tea and a piece of cake for one shilling a head.

The new planned floating cafe aims to replica this historic business, by bringing some of its traditional customs back to life in a contemporary setting.

FalRiver hopes that the café will provide a good day out for locals and tourists alike. While also giving people the opportunity to see some of the natural beauty spots surrounding Falmouth.

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