Show some love: teenager raises money for street cramps project

Published in the Newquay Voice Newspaper Feb 2017.

A Newquay teenager is showing some much needed ‘love’ by raising funds to help provide sanitary products to homeless women within Cornwall.

Bimini Love, a 15-year-old student at Truro School, hopes to support 35 homeless Truro based women for a whole year, and has recently smashed her initial Crowd Funder target aim.

The ‘Street Cramps’ project now has 161 supporters on Crowd Funder as well as the backing of local charities and residents alike.

In England, women make up 25% of homeless UK residents. Bimini claims that women on the streets simply can’t afford these obligatory essentials.

She said: “I was inspired because I began to notice the increasing number of women on the streets in Cornwall. They literally have nothing. I learnt that these women don’t have easy access to supplies for their most basic sanitary needs.

street cramps
Street Cramps fundraiser poster

“I’ve now raised enough money to help women in the whole of Cornwall for a whole year. My family are really supportive and think it’s a great and worthwhile project. The women helped have been really thankful and grateful of the boxes supplied and the additional support.”

National statistics suggest that one woman uses 11,000 sanitary products in her lifetime, amounting to £492 a year being spent on merchandise and pain relief.

With every £10 donation, the Street Cramps project aims to provide a woman with a ‘monthly gift’ box consisting of several essential items. This includes tampons, clean underwear, sanitary pads and heat pads.

The boxes are then distributed at homeless shelters and food banks. Yet, it is not only homeless women who are in need of some much needed help.

The Truro student is working alongside the St Petroc’s Society, who provides critical support services including accommodation, counselling and advice to single homeless people across the county.

Corinna Langford, a member of St Petroc’s homeless Society, said: “We think that it’s wonderful that a young person can really deliver on a project like this. She has surpassed her original target and the project has really snowballed, we are extremely proud to be part of her campaign.

“Being homeless often means going without washing and simple amenities such as a shower, it’s a really dyer situation for many homeless women.”

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